Disruptive Tech Continues to Shape Mobile Landscape


Similar to how the patient and doctor relationship has changed due to disruptive technology in health care, there are several other industries that have been affected by how mobile apps and devices are affecting our everyday lives.

Health care

As I mentioned above, increased patient access to healthcare, decreased emotional therapy costs, and the capability of accessing or sending test results to your physician in real time are all incredible ways digital health care has benefitted individuals. Providing patients more control over their health needs in terms of management, has eased the burden for health professionals in many rural and suburban areas in the country.


In addition to the internet, the widespread access to smartphones and various other digital devices have allowed for a larger reacher for students to engage and interact with learning materials. With the help of open education organizations and specific programs, students can also partake in virtual classrooms if they are unable to afford to travel or attend a university.

Private sector

In certain areas, mobile disruptive tech continues to reshape the landscape due to its ability to slash costs and increase efficiency for big corporations. Various companies across industries have now allowed employees to bring their own devices to facilitate internal flexibility and reduce in-house costs (i.e., allowing employees to work remotely).

In closing, security is another big concern for businesses around the world and unfortunately, cyber related incidents are top concerns for many companies in developed countries. Enhancing and maintaining security across industries is the best way to make sure that the consumer or individual’s personal information is not compromised during the disruptive tech shift in many fields.