New Snapchat-like Video App From Apple Is In The Works

New Snapchat-like Video App From Apple Is In The Works

It’s clear that social media is becoming increasingly popular. The 150 million people who use Snapchat daily are on the app for 30 minutes per day on average. Facebook’s mobile users are on its News Feeds, Messenger, and Instagram for an average of 50 minutes a day. After seeing the success of these social media focused companies, Apple has decided to try their hand at social media themselves.

Apple Inc. is creating an app for sharing and editing videos. The company is also testing new related features for its iPad and iPhone operating systems. This is not the first time Apple has tried to launch a social media service. In 2010, Apple introduced Ping, an iTunes-focused social network which did not succeed. Apple is now working on creating its own social media features in order to appeal to younger users. Here are a few details about the new features that are in the works for Apple’s social media initiative.

In June, Apple announced an updated iMessage app, which will include animated effects such as fireworks and balloons to illustrate text messages. The App Store will be complete with plug-ins for sending out animated images, and tools that allow users to draw on top of videos and photos.

Much like Snapchat, Apple’s new video-sharing app will allow users to record video, add drawings and filters to the media, and send it to contacts or put it on existing social networks. The software is being designed with the intention that the user can can shoot, edit and upload the video in less than one minute, and for the most part, the user can do so using only one hand.

Apple is hoping to appeal to the generation that knows and loves Instagram and Snapchat. Apple’s plan currently calls for the project to be a stand-alone app, but the company may ultimately decide to package this feature in the camera app that already exists on the iPhone.

People familiar with Apple’s strategy stated that Joe Weil, the former president of a video production company based in New York, was hired by Apple to lead the vision for the project. It has also been said that the development of this app is occurring with the same Apple department that developed iMovie and Final Cut Pro software.

The video app is still in the early development stages, and Apple hopes to release the app in 2017. It is possible that the project could be killed it it doesn’t meet the company’s expectations or timetable. We’ll be waiting on the edge of our seats to see if this app gets released. If it does get released, it’s anyone’s guess how it will stack up against Snapchat and Instagram.