About Jeremy Barbera

Jeremy Barbera, with decades of professional experience in executive positions, is a veteran of the tech industry. However, it is not his vast experience that distinguishes Jeremy. It is his consistent ability and determination to approach any issue, no matter the discipline, with a creative and efficiency seeking mindset. According to Jeremy, “boundaries are his enemy as he strives to think outside the box. These boundaries that exist within society and within organizations are put in place to maintain a certain degree of order. However, many are nonsensical and hinder innovation.

As large corporations continue with the status quo, Jeremy Barbera is dedicated to disrupting these industries with his novel developments. Barbera defines disruptive technology as “changing the industry in a radical way.” 

Today as the Chairman and CEO of Nanobeak, Barbera’s interests are focused on a new healthcare development that utilizes nanotechnology developed by NASA. This technology which analyzes the molecular content of an individual’s breath will provide almost instantaneous disease screening, unlike the conventional intrusive lab tests. Barbera’s mission is to continue disrupting the paradigm and to provide consumers with the tools to manage their own health instead of waiting until they get sick and then managing their chronic illnesses.

Jeremy Barbera has always been a child of ideas. He grew up introducing and enhancing ideas for companies such as Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts and American Express. After excelling in high school in Manhattan, he went on to earn his BS and MS in Physics from New York University. His formal education as a physicist allows him to create what others cannot, or rather, cannot conceive. Growing up in a world of scientific realism, Barbera concluded that constraints will not cut it. The reason he continues to disrupt technology and improve the healthcare sector is not because he is a doctor, it is because he continues to push the limitations of technology. 

Companies today continue to challenge themselves with strategies on how to hold on to existing consumers. For Barbera “business as usual” does not exist. Instead of adjusting to what you are used to, enhance what your audience already knows, and take risks! Moreover, Jeremy Barbera challenges existing industry standards and works to develop and implement disruptive innovative technologies.